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  • Is there any problem ...?

    :?: :?: I want to know if there is any problem regarding use of Sodium Chloride formulated for irrigation, catheters etc when they use it as IV injection by mistake. I know that it's not sterile enough for being injected and it may cause some septicaemia etc and it consists also of pyrogens but are there any more reactions?
    I must mention suppose the solution at isotonic levels (0.9%) and also suppose you did not sterile it before using!!

    I wish to thank Adminstratives for the wonderful website and for make us have the chance contacting pharmacists all around the world.

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    If injected intra-muscularly saline can cause muscle pain. See : -

    If given IV saline can cause: -

    thirst, interdialytic weight gain, hypertension

    It can also be used to treat cerebral oedema because it has an osmotic effect on the brain because of its high tonicity, and ability to effectively remain outside the blood-brain barrier.

    Of course isotonic saline is used to keep blood volume maintenance in those who require intravenous fluid, such as trauma patients.

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