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    I'm doing my pre-reg in hospital next year, and have to take my pre-reg training form for them to fill in their bit... my question is, id it likely that they'll pay the £144 fee or will it be down to me? I know when boots gave me an offer they advertised the fact they pay your fee/exam fee/reg fee as an incentive, but i wasn't sure if this'd be the case in hospital.

    I don't want to seem cheeky by asking them... but if they are prepared to pay the fee, then it'd be a nice bonus.

    Can anyone shed a bit of light on it?

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    I would have thought if they were going to pay the fee they would have put it in their advert for the job. Don't be afraid to ask, they can just say no.

    The real annoyying fee is when you first qualify. You have to pay the full year membership fee (£267) even if you qualify in July or later if you re-sit the pre-reg exams. The following January you have to pay the full amount again! Con or what?

    I tend to think they prpbably won't pay your fees, because NHS cash is precious.
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      I tend to agree with admin. I used to work in hospital and can't remember them paying my fees. You could ask though, it won't hurt.