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  • Dispensing Practice - no pharmacist

    This is mostly just to satisfy my own curiosity. Could anyone explain the procedure for dispensing GP practises when there is no pharmacist present? I used to attend such a practice when I lived rurally and never gave it much thought until I entered the profession myself as a dispenser and now a technician.

    From memory, there were always two staff in the dispensary, I know that neither of them were pharmacists but I don't know what their qualifications were. I would assume one of them would be an ACT? GP would literally hand prescription to patient during the appointment and you would then hand it over to the dispensary in the reception area and normally have it dispensed there and then so as far as I can remember there would be no other clinical check after the GP printed the script off.

    We are in Scotland if that makes a difference - scripts are not sent electronically here at present.

    Would be grateful if anyone could provide some insight!

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    For more information.

    Differences in the funding of DD to Pharmacy right from the start of NHS.
    DD are paid under the 'statement of financial entitlement' that has evolved and changed with reorganisation of the NHS.
    If you think the DT is complicated wait until you try to work that out.

    In 2022....
    The differences are in supervision but this is getting to be no different from "Dispensing Doctor" and "Prescribing Pharmacist".
    Now that most pharmacists work for corporates and have little say in their everyday life makes it different from the days when
    there was a challenge between pharmacist-contractors (in their own pharmacy) and Dispensing Practices.

    If you could write up a summary of the points that you find and post it on here to help everyone.
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