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    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of working as a PCN pharmacist and what their thoughts are? I only know one pharmacist who has done this role and didn't enjoy it, seemed to find it troublesome travelling to various surgeries daily and not many practices knew their role and staff treated them as a GP instead!
    Just wondering if anyone else had any thoughts about the role?

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    People don’t tend to stick at this job for long, in my own job unfortunately I’m going to have to change to work for a PCN that’s over 200 miles away! All of the work will be done remotely but it mainly just entails medication reviews over the phone. There will soon be a lot of jobs for PCN pharmacists because the surgeries can claim up to 58K for having a senior clinical pharmacist working for them. If you fancy doing it give it a try but make sure you negotiate for a decent salary.

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      Yes will be interesting to see how this works after COVID.