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Looks like the final countdown might start for Practice Based Pharmacists?

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  • Looks like the final countdown might start for Practice Based Pharmacists?

    Just then you thought it might be the saviour of the profession?
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    How times change.

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    Boots buy a tech firm for ordering prescriptions so Boots can be 100% of the community sector.

    LLoyds ends up controlling all pharmacists in GP practices paying £25 an hour.

    perhaps wells will buy up pushdoctor and employ loads of prescriber pharmacists on £18 ph


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      Read this article earlier today.
      They've already made a balls-up of community pharmacy with the acquisition of Sainsbury's and now they're having to sell or close a lot of them down.

      Surely there's a conflict of interest in this buy out of PSS, prescription direction? And flooding the market with lots of prescribers.... driving wages down.

      Where have we seen that before?


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        Pharma used to send nurses into hospitals FOC to the hospital. They would then suggest that the product their company produced would be used. The same will happen to pharmacists employed by multiples in GP practices. Perhaps the PDA should talk to the BMA re practice pharmacists remaining independent.


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          Looks more like a recruitment and training organisation to me. Doesn't look as though the pharmacists, once in post will be employees of the recruiting company. Don't though, know whether it's now normal for pharmacists to be partners in GP practices; suspect the classic 'small business' set up of GP practices is changing, too.