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  • Practice pharmacist salary


    I have recently completed the IP course and currently work in community pharmacy, i have an interview for a practice based prescribing pharmacist role. Does anyone know what salary expectations to suggest? Ive been trawling the internet but cant seem to find a figure anywhere, I was hoping would be more than community pharmacy but not sure if this is the case?


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    Well you do not seem to have trawled here! Search the forum using the search box.


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      It depends where you work and what your experience is but between £25 and £50 an hour. Sorry that’s a big spread but I’ve met pharmacists on all salaries in between this. Usual holiday entitlement is five weeks but I know someone on six.
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        Depends on if you have applied directly through the NHS pilot scheme through a GP federation or directly to the surgery.
        Surgery will pay you more and you can negotiate with them. As a pharmacist they know your value in prescribing as no-one but the doctors will prescribe as much medication as you in surgery. (repeat prescriptions etc)
        NHS pilot - standard starting salary for clinical pharmacist is 37,000 (Band7) and for Senior clinical pharmacist 46,000 (Band8).

        Inbox me if you want more info.