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Continuing education for career progression in primary care

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  • Continuing education for career progression in primary care


    I'm a newly qualified pharmacist looking for the next thing to do. I'm currently managing a community pharmacy and i'm looking at undertaking a part time postgrad course in my spare time. id like to improve my clinical knowledge with the aim of eventually becoming an independent prescriber.

    What is your opinion on this? is it worth me putting 5k of my own money down for a 2 year diploma in 'clinical pharmacy in the general practice' ? will this increase my chances of being trained up by a practice in the future as an IP?


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    To be honest you don't need a clinical diploma to become an IP. I don't have one but I know people that do. For 5k I wouldn't spend that much myself. Why don't you try to get a role in a surgery and look towards doing the IP course that way?
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    • StraightOuttaDispensary
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      I think you need to be qualified and working for 2 years before applying for a role in primary care. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    • admin
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      You do need to have worked in primary care for two years but being a retail pharmacist counts. I actually worked as a practice pharmacist for less then one month before I started the IP course.

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    Absolutely agree with admin, I didn't have a clinical diploma and I'm now on the IP course whilst working in primary care. I think it's probably a good thing to have on your CV but from speaking with a few pharmacists who have done the clinical diploma, my understanding is that it's all stuff that we've done at university and we should already have that knowledge base. With yourself being a newly qualified, I would think you are quite up to date anyway. Don't waste your money.


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      I would disagree that the diploma only teaches you stuff you learn in uni. In hospital having the diploma or equivalent is a requirement to progress beyond the most junior posts. The 'equivalent' can be many years of clinical practice as a pharmacist! Many Band 6's are automatically entered for the diploma when they start . But beyond that I agree with what others have said. There are probably other more cost effective routes for you


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        Probably best to expand your practice capability into wider healthcare.
        Areas where the patient/client directly engages and then pays fees.
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          Thanks for your advice guys!. I will definitely keep it in mind when deciding what to do next!.
          I haven't actually been qualified two years yet and therefore am not able to apply for the IP course, I'm just looking for something to fill the gap in between qualifying and that
          Thanks Again!!!.